Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (Vol. 62, no. 4, April 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Heidrun Bohnet, Fabien Cottier, & Simon Hug, Conflict-induced IDPs and the Spread of Conflict
  • Sara Kijewski & Markus Freitag, Civil War and the Formation of Social Trust in Kosovo: Posttraumatic Growth or War-related Distress?
  • Karolina Milewicz, James Hollway, Claire Peacock, & Duncan Snidal, Beyond Trade: The Expanding Scope of the Nontrade Agenda in Trade Agreements
  • William Spaniel & Peter Bils, Slow to Learn: Bargaining, Uncertainty, and the Calculus of Conquest
  • Daniel Balliet, Joshua M. Tybur, Junhui Wu, Christian Antonellis, & Paul A. M. Van Lange, Political Ideology, Trust, and Cooperation: In-group Favoritism among Republicans and Democrats during a US National Election
  • Benjamin T. Jones & Shawna K. Metzger, Evaluating Conflict Dynamics: A Novel Empirical Approach to Stage Conceptions
  • Laura Sjoberg, Kelly Kadera, & Cameron G. Thies, Reevaluating Gender and IR Scholarship: Moving beyond Reiter’s Dichotomies toward Effective Synergies
  • Jana von Stein, Exploring the Universe of UN Human Rights Agreements