Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Volume: Palestine Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the Palestine Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 19, 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Ardi Imseis, All Roads Lead to Rome: Why Palestine Remains the Issue
  • Chiara Redaelli, The Right to Rebel against Violations of Human Rights: A New Role for the Responsibility to Protect?
  • Jasmine Moussa, Atrocities, Accountability and the Politics of Palestinian Statehood
  • Salma Karmi-Ayyoub, Prosecuting Israeli Perpetrators of International Crimes under Universal Jurisdiction Laws: Prospects for Success?
  • Ofilio J. Mayorga, Occupants, Beware of BITs: Applicability of Investment Treaties to Occupied Territories
  • Musa Njabulo Shongwe, The Fragmentation of International Law: Contemporary Debates and Responses