Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Benton, Clulow, & Attwood: Protection and Empire: A Global History

Lauren Benton (Vanderbilt Univ. - History and Law), Adam Clulow (Monash Univ. - History), & Bain Attwood (Monash Univ. - History) have published Protection and Empire: A Global History (Cambridge Univ. Press 2017). Contents include:
  • Lauren Benton & Adam Clulow, Introduction: The Long, Strange History of Protection
  • Luca Scholz, Protection and the Channelling of Movement on the Margins of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Karen B. Graubart, Containing Law within the Walls: The Protection of Customary Law in Santiago del Cercado, Peru
  • Lauren Benton & Adam Clulow, Webs of Protection and Interpolity Zones in the Early Modern World
  • Gabriel de Avilez Rocha, Plunder and Profit in the Name of Protection: Royal Iberian Armadas in the Early Atlantic
  • Annabel Brett, Protection as a Political Concept in English Political Thought, 1603–51
  • Philip J. Stern, Limited Liabilities: The Corporation and the Political Economy of Protection in the British Empire
  • David L. Howell, From Nurturing to Protection in Nineteenth-Century Japan
  • Bain Attwood, Protection Claims: The British, Maori and the Islands of New Zealand, 1800–40
  • Lisa Ford, Protecting the Peace on the Edges of Empire: Commissioners of Crown Lands in New South Wales
  • Inge Van Hulle, British Protection, Extraterritoriality and Protectorates in West Africa, 1807–80
  • Ahmad Amara, Between Imperial Subjects and Political Partners: Bedouin Borders and Protection in Ottoman Palestine, 1900–17
  • Moses E. Ochonu, Protection by Proxy: The Hausa-Fulani as Agents of British Colonial Rule in Northern Nigeria
  • Barnaby Crowcroft, The Problem of Protectorates in an Age of Decolonisation: Britain and West Africa, 1955–60