Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Issue: Review of International Studies

The latest issue of the Review of International Studies (Vol. 44, no. 1, January 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Rebecca Sanders, Human rights abuses at the limits of the law: Legal instabilities and vulnerabilities in the ‘Global War on Terror’
  • Marieke de Goede, The chain of security
  • Rita Floyd, Parallels with the hate speech debate: the pros and cons of criminalising harmful securitising requests
  • Klejda Mulaj, Violence of war, ontopology, and the instrumental and performative constitution of the political community
  • Kimberly Hutchings, War and moral stupidity
  • Kurt Mills & Alan Bloomfield, African resistance to the International Criminal Court: Halting the advance of the anti-impunity norm
  • Paul K. MacDonald, Embedded authority: a relational network approach to hierarchy in world politics
  • Matthew Castle, Embedding regional actors in social and historical context: Australia-New Zealand integration and Asian-Pacific regionalism
  • Mathew Davies, Regional organisations and enduring defective democratic members