Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Issue: Jus Gentium: Journal of International Legal History

The latest issue of Jus Gentium: Journal of International Legal History (Vol. 2, no. 2, 2017) is out. The is a special issue on "On the Centenary of the Russian Revolution." Contents include:
  • Articles
    • G.S. Starodubtsev, The 1917 October Russian Revolution and International Law
    • V.G. Butkevych, The International-Legal Ideology of Pre-Slavic Chiefdoms of the Ukrainian Ethnos (Part Three)
    • O.O. Merezhko, On the Origins of the Ukrainian Science of International Law
    • Olga Butkevych, The Nezabytovskyĭ Concept of the Law of International Community
    • A. N. Vylegzhanin, Legal Status of the Bering Strait: Historical and Legal Context
    • W.E. Butler & V.S. Ivanenko, On the History of Teaching International Law at St. Petersburg University
    • Eglė Bendikaitė, Interwar Lithuania as a Laboratory of International Law
  • Notes and Comments
    • W.E. Butler, Vladimir Grabar, Peter Lombard, John Mair, and the History of International Law
    • W.E. Butler, The Charles Cramer Archive: A Russian Consul in America and Europe
  • International Legal Doctrine
    • W.E. Butler, Biographical Note: On the Life and Work of Tikhon Fedorovich Stepanov
    • T.F. Stepanov, All-People’s Law in Aggregate with Diplomacy