Friday, August 18, 2017

New Volume: Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs

The latest volume of the Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs (Vol. 33, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Essay
    • Jerome A. Cohen, Establish Yourself at Thirty: My Decision to Study China’s Legal System
  • Articles
    • Mizushima Tomonori, Law-Making Process concerning State Jurisdiction over Artworks Loaned from Abroad: Implications of the Exhibition of Treasured Masterpieces from Taipei
    • Yann-huei Song, U.S. Practice Regarding Article 121(3) of UNCLOS and the South China Sea Arbitration Case
    • Michael Sheng-ti Gau, The 2015 Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility of the South China Sea Arbitration and the Insurmountable Thresholds
    • Yuka Fukunaga, Infrastructure Investment in Asia and Protection under International Investment Agreements
    • Michelle Dy, Coordinating Games: The Challenge of Pursuing a Financial Integration Project in ASEAN
  • Special Reports
    • Nigel N.T. Li, Amicus Curiae Submission by the Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law in the South China Sea Arbitration: An Introductory Note
    • Der-Chin Horng, Taiwan Practices in the WTO Main Activities: 2002-2015
    • Pasha L. Hsieh & Pei-Lun Tsai, The 2015 Ma-Xi Meeting in Singapore