Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Volume: Ocean Yearbook

The latest volume of the Ocean Yearbook (Vol. 31) is out. Contents include:
  • Coastal and Resource Management
    • David L. VanderZwaag, Megan Bailey & Nancy L. Shackell, Canada–U.S. Fisheries Management in the Gulf of Maine: Taking Stock and Charting Future Coordinates in the Face of Climate Change  
    • Rebecca Dunham, A Cultural Legacy under Threat: Managing Eroding Coastal Heritage at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
  • Polar Oceans Governance
    • Rob Huebert, The Melting Ice and the Transforming Arctic Ocean  
    • Henning Dobson & Fugleberg Knudsen, No Heavy Fuel Oil at Svalbard—A Legal Ban?  
    • Dimitrios Dalaklis & Evi Baxevani, Maritime Routes in the Arctic: Examining the Level of Traffic and Port Capabilities along the Northern Sea Route
  • Refugees, Migrants and the Law of the Sea
    • Seline Trevisanut, Recognizing the Right to be Rescued at Sea  
    • Kyriaki Noussia, The Rescue of Migrants and Refugees at Sea: Legal Rights and Obligations
  • The Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance
    • Yunus Emre Acikgonul, Equitable Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries: The Uncontested Supremacy of Coastal Geography in Case Law  
    • Michael Sheng-ti Gau, The Jurisdictional Rulings of the South China Sea Arbitration: Possible Errors in Fact and in Law  
    • Nuwan Peiris, Advisory Opinion on Fisheries in the Exclusive Economic Zone from the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: The Birth of Regional Treaty-based Advisory Jurisdiction  
  • Oil and Gas Governance
    • Olga Koubrak, Responding to Oil Spills while Protecting the Marine Environment: Review of Product Authorization and Net Environmental Benefit Analysis in the IMO Dispersant Use Guidelines  
    • Jorge M. Radovich & Aldo Brandani, The Need for International Regulation of Offshore Liability and Financial Security
  • Maritime Transport and Security
    • Ngwatung Akamangwa, Understanding Environmental Requirements and Their Implementation Aboard Merchant Ships  
    • Laurent Fedi, The Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Ships’ Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A European Substantial Policy Measure towards Accurate and Transparent Carbon Dioxide Quantification  
    • Cassidy Gale, The Shiprider Shadow: Situating U.S.-Caribbean Interdiction Agreements within the Law of the Sea
    • Edmund Hughes, Sarah Flagg, Heike Deggim & Stefan Micallef, Control of Emissions to Air from International Shipping
    • Azmath Jaleel & Devinder Grewal, A Perspective on Safety and Governance Issues of Fishing Vessels  
    • Mohammad Vaferi, Hadi Ghaderi & Jagan Jeevan, The Impact of Low-sulphur Fuel Requirements in Shipping on Seaport Competitiveness: A Study on LNG Bunkering in Dubai, UAE and Sohar, Oman