Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Elsig, Hoekman, & Pauwelyn: Assessing the World Trade Organization: Fit for Purpose?

Manfred Elsig (Universität Bern - World Trade Institute), Bernard Hoekman (European Univ. Institute), & Joost Pauwelyn (Graduate Institute of International Studies) have published Assessing the World Trade Organization: Fit for Purpose? (Cambridge Univ. Press 2017). Contents include:
  • Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman & Joost Pauwelyn, Introduction
  • Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman & Joost Pauwelyn, Thinking about the performance of the World Trade Organization: a discussion across disciplines
  • Chad P. Bown & Douglas A. Irwin, The GATT's starting point: tariff levels circa 1947
  • Judith Goldstein & Robert Gulotty, Negotiating in the early GATT: norms, rules and the US tariff schedule
  • Frieder Rössler, Dispute settlement in the WTO: from a deliberately designed to a spontaneously grown order
  • Dirk de Bièvre, Arlo Poletti & Aydin Yildirim, About the melting of icebergs: political and economic determinants of dispute initiation and resolution in the WTO
  • Giorgio Sacerdoti, The WTO dispute settlement system: consolidating success and confronting new challenges
  • Soo Yeon Kim & Tobias Hofmann, Does trade comply? The economic effect(iveness) of the WTO dispute settlement process
  • Krzysztof J. Pelc, Twenty years of third party participation at the WTO: what have we learned?
  • Julia Qin, Mind the gap: navigating between the WTO agreement and its accession protocols
  • Luca Rubini, The age of innocence - the evolution of the case-law of the WTO dispute settlement: subsidies as a case-study
  • Todd Allee & Manfred Elsig, The presence of the World Trade Organization within preferential trade agreements
  • L. Alan Winters, The WTO and regional trading agreements: is it all over for multilateralism?
  • Cèdric Dupont & Manfred Elsig, Performance and international organisations' borders: the case of the World Trade Organization
  • Joseph Michael Finger, The GATT/WTO system and national trade policies: which comes first?