Monday, March 13, 2017

New Issue: China and WTO Review

The latest issue of China and WTO Review (Vol. 3, no. 1, March 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Jerry Jie Hua, Implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty for Visually Impaired Persons into the Chinese Copyright Law
    • Haijun Lu, Can Nordic Extended Collective Licence Be Transplanted to China?
    • Chunlei Zhao, Jurisdiction Ratione Temporis in Successive International Investment Agreements: What Can Chinese Investors Learn from the Ping An Case?
  • Current Developments
    • Tsung-Sheng Liao, Regional Trade Agreements as Laboratories for New Trade Disciplines to Tackle Climate Change: Why and How?
    • Stuart S. Malawer, Trump's China Trade Policies: Threats and Constraints
    • Yucong Wang, Indirect Expropriation and One Belt One Road Initiative: A Pivotal Issue for the Implementation of China’s Refreshed Strategy for Foreign Investment
  • Correspondence
    • Lingtong Kong, A Brief Review of UDRP: Achievements, Challenges and Recommendations
    • Prince-Arnaud Adiko, Connecting the Belt and Road Initiative to the Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Development
  • Insights
    • Xiangqian Gong, THAAD and China’s Trade Policy with South Korea
    • Seryon Lee, Trump’s “America First” Doctrine and Trans-Pacific Partnership
    • Keyao Zhang, China Beamed Confidence into Economic Globalization on WEF