Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chaisse: The Regulation of the Global Water Services Market

Julien Chaisse (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong - Law) has published The Regulation of the Global Water Services Market (Cambridge Univ. Press 2017). Contents include:
  • Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Foreword
  • Julien Chaisse, Introduction
  • N. Jansen Calamita, Are investments in water different? Sectoral economics, investment treaty architecture, and the role of governance
  • Fernando Dias Simões, The erosion of the concept of public service in water concessions: evidence from investor-state arbitration
  • Aline Baillat, International investment agreements and water resources management
  • Bryan Mercurio & Antoine Martin, Water is not medicine: the tension between access to water and intellectual property rights in the area of water technologies
  • Chien-Huei Wu & Helen Hai-Ning Huang, Right to water in the shadow of trade liberalization
  • Markus Krajewski, Protecting the human right to water through the regulation of multinational enterprises
  • Leila Choukroune, Water and sanitation services in international trade and investment law: for a holistic human rights based approach
  • Shintaro Hamanaka, Foreign governmental suppliers' investment: profit or aid? The case study of a Japanese city water bureau
  • Bryan Druzin, The drip, drip of depletion: solving the tragedy of the commons in global water usage
  • Panagiotis Delimatsis, The regulation of water services in the European Union internal market
  • Christoph Herrmann, External competences of the EU in the field of water services trade and regulation
  • Sufian Jusoh, Hayatunnisah Sulaiman, Suzarika Sahak & Karamjit Singh, Fragmentation of water policies in ASEAN: potential role of the ASEAN community
  • Anatole Boute, Water management in Central Asia: the role of energy, trade and investment law
  • Pierre Sauvé, Conclusion: 'Blue Gold' regulatory and economic challenges