Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Issue: Review of International Political Economy

The latest issue of the Review of International Political Economy (Vol. 23, no. 6, 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Section on Shadow Banking
    • Cornel Ban & Daniela Gabor, The political economy of shadow banking
    • Oddný Helgadóttir, Banking upside down: the implicit politics of shadow banking expertise
    • Dick Bryan, Michael Rafferty & Duncan Wigan, Politics, time and space in the era of shadow banking
    • Daniela Gabor, The (impossible) repo trinity: the political economy of repo markets
    • Cornel Ban, Leonard Seabrooke & Sarah Freitas, Grey matter in shadow banking: international organizations and expert strategies in global financial governance
  • Other Research Articles
    • Jan Fichtner, The anatomy of the Cayman Islands offshore financial center: Anglo-America, Japan, and the role of hedge funds
    • Benjamin Braun, Speaking to the people? Money, trust, and central bank legitimacy in the age of quantitative easing