Friday, January 13, 2017

New Issue: Journal of East Asia and International Law

The latest issue of the Journal of East Asia and International Law (Vol. 9, no. 2, Autumn 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Issue Focus: Public International Law for Private International Lawyers
    • Sung Pil Park, The Coordinating Role of Public International Law: Observations in the Field of Intellectual Property
    • Lin Zhang, Engineering Compulsory Food Safety Liability Insurance in China: A Joint Perspective of Public and Private International Law
    • Keisuke Takeshita, Sovereignty and National Civil Procedure: An Analysis of State Practice in Japan
  • Articles
    • Tsung-Sheng Liao, MNCs under International Climate Change Regime: Recognizing Atmospheric Absorptive Capacity as the Common Heritage of Mankind
    • Jinyuan Su, Active Debris Removal: Potential Legal Barriers and Possible Ways Forward
  • Notes & Comments
    • Jonathan Liljeblad, The 2014 Enabling Law of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission and the UN Paris Principles: A Critical Evaluation
    • Xiaoyi Zhang, Problematic Expansion on Jurisdiction: Some Observation on the South China Sea Arbitration
  • Regional Focus & Controversies: Taiwan’s Position over the South China Sea Dispute
    • Yen-Chiang Chang, Mainland
    • Michael Sheng-ti Gau, Taiwan
  • East Asian Observer
    • Keechang Kim, A Long Road to Brexit: How Britain came to leave the EU
    • Pilsu Jin, The ‘All Okinawa’ Movement: Political and Legal Implications of the Okinawan Protest against the US Bases