Thursday, December 8, 2016

Werle & Vormbaum: The African Criminal Court - A Commentary on the Malabo Protocol

Gerhard Werle (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Law) & Moritz Vormbaum (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Law) have published The African Criminal Court - A Commentary on the Malabo Protocol (Asser Press 2017). Contents include:
  • Gerhard Werle & Moritz Vormbaum, Creating an African Criminal Court
  • Ademola Abass, Historical and Political Background to the Malabo Protocol
  • Kai Ambos, Genocide (Article 28B), Crimes Against Humanity (Article 28C), War Crimes (Article 28D) and the Crime of Aggression (Article 28M)
  • Gerhard Kemp & Selemani Kinyunyu, The Crime of Unconstitutional Change of Government (Article 28E)
  • Florian Jeßberger, Piracy (Article 28F), Terrorism (Article 28G) and Mercenarism (Article 28H)
  • Lovell D. Fernandez, Corruption (Article 28I) and Money Laundering (Article 28Ibis)
  • Fatuma Mninde-Silungwe, Trafficking in Persons (Article 28J) and Trafficking in Drugs (Article 28K)
  • Martin Heger, Trafficking in Hazardous Wastes (Article 28L) and Illicit Exploitation of Natural Resources (Article 28Lbis)
  • Chantal Meloni, Modes of Responsibility (Article 28N), Individual Criminal Responsibility (Article 46B) and Corporate Criminal Liability (Article 46C)
  • Volker Nerlich, Preconditions to the Exercise of Jurisdiction (Article 46Ebis), Exercise of Jurisdiction (Article 46F) and the Prosecutor (Article 46G)
  • Harmen van der Wilt, Complementary Jurisdiction (Article 46H)
  • Dire Tladi, Immunities (Article 46Abis)