Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Issue: Global Environmental Politics

The latest issue of Global Environmental Politics (Vol. 16, no. 4, November 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Forum
    • Jeongwon Bourdais Park, Toward the Green Comfort Zone: Synergy in Environmental Official Development Assistance
  • Research Articles
    • Leah C. Stokes, Amanda Giang, & Noelle E. Selin, Splitting the South: China and India’s Divergence in International Environmental Negotiations
    • Zoe Phillips Williams, Investor-State Arbitration in Domestic Mining Conflicts
    • Andreas Goldthau & Benjamin K. Sovacool, Energy Technology, Politics, and Interpretative Frames: Shale Gas Fracking in Eastern Europe
    • Karoline Steinbacher &Michael Pahle, Leadership and the Energiewende: German Leadership by Diffusion
    • Marissa Bongiovanni Schmitz & Erin Clover Kelly, Ecosystem Service Commodification: Lessons from California
    • Lisa Vanhala & Cecilie Hestbaek, Framing Climate Change Loss and Damage in UNFCCC Negotiations
  • Book Review Essay
    • Hamish van der Ven, Power and Authority in Global Climate Governance