Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rose & Oswald: Detention of Non-State Actors Engaged in Hostilities

Gregory Rose (Univ. of Wollongong - Law) & Bruce Oswald (Univ. of Melbourne - Law) have published Detention of Non-State Actors Engaged in Hostilities: The Future Law (Brill | Nijhoff 2016). Contents include:
  • Gregory Rose & Bruce Oswald, Introduction
  • Emily Crawford, Convergence of Norms across the Spectrum of Armed Conflicts: International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law
  • Sarah McCosker, The Limitations of Legal Reasoning: Negotiating the Relationships between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law in Detention Situations
  • Jody Prescott, The Convergence of Violence around a Norm: Direct Participation in Hostilities and Its Significance for Detention Standards in Non-International Armed Conflict
  • Chris Jenks, Reimagining the Wheel: Detention and Release of Non-State Actors under the Geneva Conventions
  • Angeline Lewis, The Coalition Provisional Authority for Iraq 2004-2008: Transitioning From Administrative Internment to Criminal Justice Based Detention Operations
  • Paul Cronan, Australian Detention Operations in Afghanistan: Practices and Challenges
  • Linda Dann, Detention in British International Military Operations
  • B.V. Kumar, An Indian Perspective on Detention of Non-State Actors Engaged in Hostilities
  • Dvir Saar & Ben Wahlhaus, Preventive Detention for National Security Purposes: The Three Facets of the Israeli Experience
  • Bill Lietzau, U.S. Detention of Terrorists in the 21st Century
  • Mark Dakers, NATO Responsibility for Detention
  • Bruce Oswald, Information and Notification concerning Detention in Non-International Armed Conflicts
  • Thomas Winkler, Copenhagen Process Principles and Guidelines for Detention - Legal and Political Challenges
  • Katarina Grenfell, Detention in United Nations Peace Operations
  • Gregory Rose, Detention of Non-State Actors Engaged in Hostilities – Recommendations for Future Law