Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Acharya: Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System

Rohini Acharya (World Trade Organization) has published Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System (Cambridge Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Jo-Ann Crawford, Market access provisions on trade in goods in regional trade agreements
  • Maria Donner Abreu, Preferential rules of origin in regional trade agreements
  • Nora Neufeld, Trade facilitation under the RTA umbrella: origins and evolution
  • Jean-Daniel Rey, Do regional anti-dumping regimes make a difference?
  • Jo-Ann Crawford, Jo McKeagg & Julia Tolstova, Mapping of safeguard provisions in regional trade agreements
  • Lee Ann Jackson & Hanna Vitikala, Cross-cutting issues in regional trade agreements: sanitary and phytosanitary measures
  • Ana Cristina Molina & Vira Khoroshavina, Technical barriers to trade provisions in regional trade agreements: to what extent do they go beyond the WTO TBT Agreement?
  • Pierre Latrille, Services rules in regional trade agreements: how diverse and/or creative are they compared to the multilateral rules?
  • Raymundo Valdés & Maegan McCann, Intellectual property provisions in regional trade agreements: revision and update
  • Claude Chase, Alan Yanovich, Jo-Ann Crawford & Pamela Ugaz, Mapping of dispute settlement mechanisms in regional trade agreements – innovative or variations on a theme?
  • Rohini Acharya, Some conclusions