Monday, August 1, 2016

New Issue: Leiden Journal of International Law

The latest issue of the Leiden Journal of International Law (Vol. 29, no. 3, September 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Editorial
    • Sara Kendall, On Academic Production and the Politics of Inclusion
  • International Legal Theory: Symposium on Martti Koskenniemi's From Apology to Utopia
    • Jean d'Aspremont, Martti Koskenniemi, the Mainstream, and Self-Reflectivity
    • Akbar Rasulov, From Apology to Utopia and the Inner Life of International Law
    • John Haskell, From Apology to Utopia’s Conditions of Possibility
    • Justin Desautels-Stein, From Apology to Utopia’s Point of Attack
    • Sahib Singh, Koskenniemi's Images of the International Lawyer
    • Martti Koskenniemi, What is Critical Research in International Law? Celebrating Structuralism
  • International Law and Practice: Symposium on the Fight against ISIL and International Law
    • Théodore Christakis, Editor's Introduction
    • Karine Bannelier-Christakis, Military Interventions against ISIL in Iraq, Syria and Libya, and the Legal Basis of Consent
    • Olivier Corten, The ‘Unwilling or Unable’ Test: Has it Been, and Could it be, Accepted?
    • Nicholas Tsagourias, Self-Defence against Non-state Actors: The Interaction between Self-Defence as a Primary Rule and Self-Defence as a Secondary Rule
    • Vaios Koutroulis, The Fight Against the Islamic State and Jus in Bello
  • Hague International Tribunals: International Court of Justice
    • Peter Quayle, Treaties of a Particular Type: The ICJ's Interpretative Approach to the Constituent Instruments of International Organizations
  • International Criminal Courts and Tribunals
    • Miles Jackson, The Attribution of Responsibility and Modes of Liability in International Criminal Law
    • Marjolein Cupido, Common Purpose Liability Versus Joint Perpetration: A Practical View on the ICC's Hierarchy of Liability Theories
    • Vincent Chetail, Is There any Blood on my Hands? Deportation as a Crime of International Law