Friday, August 5, 2016

Kontorovich & Parisi: Economic Analysis of International Law

Eugene Kontorovich (Northwestern Univ. - Law) & Francesco Parisi (Univ. of Minnesota - Law; Univ. of Bologna - Economics) have published Economic Analysis of International Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2016). Contents include:
  • Eugene Kontorovich & Francesco Parisi, The Economics of International Law: An Introduction
  • Enrico Spolaore, The Economics of Political Borders
  • Bridget L. Coggins & Ishita Kala, The Economics of State Emergence and Collapse
  • Abraham Bell, Economic Analysis of Territorial Sovereignty
  • Francesco Parisi and Daniel Pi, The Economic Analysis of International Treaty Law
  • Andrew Guzman, Soft Law
  • Francesco Parisi & Daniel Pi, The Emergence and Evolution of Customary International Law
  • Paul B. Stephan, Treaty Enforcement
  • Tom Ginsburg, The Interaction Between Domestic and International Law
  • James D. Morrow, Atrocity, Policy, and the Laws of War: What does Political Science have to say to Law?
  • Anne van Aaken & Tomer Broude, Behavioral Economic Analysis of International Law