Friday, August 19, 2016

Mazzuoli: The Law of Treaties

Valerio de Oliveira Mazzuoli (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso - Law) has published The Law of Treaties (Forense 2016). Here's the abstract:

The extraordinary growth in the number of international treaties concluded in recent decades has awakened the interest in the study of the Law of Treaties throughout the world. Nevertheless, many of the works that have been recently published do not reach a satisfactory degree of detail, leaving the academic readership with no answer concerning most of the practical problems that the contemporary law of treaties poses.

This book, written by one of the most renowned Brazilian internationalists, deepens the study of the law of treaties by offering specific solutions to current legal problems. It provides a high-level theoretical and practical approach, touching upon all major current issues of the law of treaties. It is noteworthy that each subject-matter discussed in this work was thoroughly analyzed and supported by a rigorous methodology, including the use of the most accurate terminology and a well-reasoned explanation of each of the issues addressed in accordance with the most authoritative legal scholarly writings.

This work is also a helpful reference for governmental and diplomatic officials, legal practitioners and the legal academia at large in trying to understand how international acts are negotiated and adopted, what the rules are for the formulation of reservations and introduction of amendments to conventional texts, how a State is definitely deemed to be bound by an international act or treaty, which the effects are of a treaty that came into force and how treaties should be applied at the international level, etc.