Thursday, July 7, 2016

Symposium: Subsidiarity in Global Governance

The latest issue of Law and Contemporary Problems (Vol. 79, no. 2, 2016) focuses on "Subsidiarity in Global Governance." Contents include:
  • Subsidiarity in Global Governance
    • Markus Jachtenfuchs & Nico Krisch, Subsidiarity in Global Governance
    • Andreas von Staden, Subsidiarity in Regional Integration Regimes in Latin America and Africa
    • Tomer Broude, Selective Subsidiarity and Dialectic Deference in the World Trade Organization
    • Isabel Feichtner, Subsidiarity in the World Trade Organization: The Promise of Waivers
    • René Urueña, Subsidiarity and the Public–Private Distinction in Investment Treaty Arbitration
    • Jorge Contesse, Contestation and Deference in the Inter-American Human Rights System
    • Andreas Føllesdal, Subsidiarity and International Human-Rights Courts: Respecting Self-Governance and Protecting Human Rights—Or Neither?
    • Machiko Kanetake, Subsidiarity in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security
    • Isobel Roele, Sidelining Subsidiarity: United Nations Security Council “Legislation” and Its Infra-Law
    • Peer Zumbansen, Happy Spells? Constructing and Deconstructing a Private-Law Perspective on Subsidiarity
    • Mattias Kumm, Sovereignty and the Right to Be Left Alone: Subsidiarity, Justice-Sensitive Externalities, and the Proper Domain of the Consent Requirement in International Law
    • Robert Howse & Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Toward a Global Ethics of Trade Governance: Subsidiarity Writ Large