Monday, June 27, 2016

Reichert: Transboundary Water Cooperation in Europe

Götz Reichert (Center for European Policy) has published Transboundary Water Cooperation in Europe (Brill 2016). Here's the abstract:
In Transboundary Water Cooperation in Europe, Götz Reichert analyzes the multidimensional regime for the protection and management of European transboundary freshwater resources that is composed of international water law, the water law of the European Union, and domestic water legislation. Accordingly, qualitative and quantitative aspects regarding surface waters and groundwater are to be managed in an integrated manner to achieve “good water status” of rivers, lakes and aquifers. To this end, “international river basin management plans” provided for by the EU Water Framework Directive are developed by international river commissions for Europe’s major transboundary river basins. Götz Reichert analyzes the various dimensions of the regime including their legal interlinkages and considers the question of whether it is successful in achieving its ambitious goals.