Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cassese: Research Handbook on Global Administrative Law

Sabino Cassese (formerly, Justice, Constitutional Court of Italy) has published Research Handbook on Global Administrative Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2016). Contents include:
  • Sabino Cassese with Elisa D’Alterio, Introduction: The Development of Global Administrative Law
  • Lorenzo Casini, The Expansion of the Material Scope of Global Law
  • Stefano Battini, The Proliferation of Global Regulatory Regimes
  • Santiago Villalpando, Managing International Civil Servants
  • Elisabetta Morlino, International Public Procurement
  • Christoph Möllers, Constitutional Foundations of Global Administration
  • Mario Savino, Linkages Between Global Regimes and Interactions with Civil Society
  • Paul Craig, Global Networks and Shared Administration
  • Richard B Stewart, Global Standards for National Societies
  • Jan Wouters, Government by Negotiation
  • Fabrizio Cafaggi, Transnational Private Regulation: Regulating Private Regulators
  • Barbara Marchetti, The Enforcement of Global Decisions
  • Marco Macchia, The Rule of Law and Transparency in the Global Space
  • Mikael Rask Madsen, Judicial Globalization: The Proliferation of International Courts
  • Elisa D’Alterio, Judicial Regulation in the Global Space
  • Francesca Bignami, Theories of Civil Society and Global Administrative Law: The Case of the World Bank and International Development
  • Marta Infantino, Global Indicators
  • Giulio Vesperini, Europe and Global Law
  • René Fernando Urueña Hernandez, Global Administrative Law and the Global South
  • Philipp Dann, The Global Administrative Law of Development Cooperation
  • Edoardo Chiti, Bringing Global Law Home
  • Emma Dunlop, Globalization and Sovereignty: Global Threats and International Security
  • Eyal Benvenisti, The Future of Sovereignty: The Nation State in the Global Governance Space
  • Sabino Cassese, Governing the World
  • Robert Howse, The Globalization Debate – A Mid-decade Perspective
  • Antoine Vauchez, The Disputed Field of Global Lawyering
  • Lorenzo Casini, The Global Administrative Law Scholarship