Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Volume: Yearbook of International Environmental Law

The latest volume of the Yearbook of International Environmental Law (Vol. 25, 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Davor Vidas, Jan Zalasiewicz, & Mark Williams, What Is the Anthropocene—and Why Is It Relevant for International Law?
  • Louis J. Kotzé, The Anthropocene’s Global Environmental Constitutional Moment
  • Peter Bridgewater, Rakhyun E. Kim, & Klaus Bosselmann, Ecological Integrity: A Relevant Concept for International Environmental Law in the Anthropocene?
  • Markus Vordermayer, ‘Gardening the Great Transformation’: The Anthropocene Concept’s Impact on International Environmental Law Doctrine
  • Dire Tladi, The Common Heritage of Mankind and the Proposed Treaty on Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction: The Choice between Pragmatism and Sustainability
  • Guillaume Futhazar, The Diffusion of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and Its Aichi Biodiversity Targets within the Biodiversity Cluster: An Illustration of Current Trends in the Global Governance of Biodiversity and Ecosystems