Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Issue: International Journal of Transitional Justice

The latest issue of the International Journal of Transitional Justice (Vol. 10, no. 1, March 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Reconsidering Appropriate Responses to Victims of Conflict
    • Juan E. Méndez, Victims as Protagonists in Transitional Justice
    • Pilar Riaño Alcalá & María Victoria Uribe, Constructing Memory amidst War: The Historical Memory Group of Colombia
    • Tazreena Sajjad, Heavy Hands, Helping Hands, Holding Hands: The Politics of Exclusion in Victims’ Networks in Nepal
    • Julie Bernath, ‘Complex Political Victims’ in the Aftermath of Mass Atrocity: Reflections on the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia
    • Janine Natalya Clark, Transitional Justice as Recognition: An Analysis of the Women’s Court in Sarajevo
    • Peter J. Dixon, Reparations, Assistance and the Experience of Justice: Lessons from Colombia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Margaret Urban Walker, Transformative Reparations? A Critical Look at a Current Trend in Thinking about Gender-Just Reparations
    • Emily L. Camins, Needs or Rights? Exploring the Limitations of Individual Reparations for Violations of International Humanitarian Law
    • Luke Moffett, Reparations for ‘Guilty Victims’: Navigating Complex Identities of Victim–Perpetrators in Reparation Mechanisms
    • Huma Saeed, Victims and Victimhood: Individuals of Inaction or Active Agents of Change? Reflections on Fieldwork in Afghanistan
    • Tessa Lacerda, ‘Victim’: What Is Hidden behind This Word?
    • Gertrude Fester-Wicomb, Interrogator Versus Political Prisoner: Silences, Secrets and the Unsaid – A Question of Power