Monday, January 11, 2016

New Issue: International Affairs

The latest issue of International Affairs (Vol. 92, no. 1, January 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Mahesh Shankar & T. V. Paul, Nuclear doctrines and stable strategic relationships: the case of south Asia
  • Tuomas Forsberg, From Ostpolitik to ‘frostpolitik’? Merkel, Putin and German foreign policy towards Russia
  • Madeline Carr, Public–private partnerships in national cyber-security strategies
  • Asaf Siniver & Scott Lucas, The Islamic State lexical battleground: US foreign policy and the abstraction of threat
  • Stephan Frühling, Managing escalation: missile defence, strategy and US alliances
  • Andreas Krieg, Externalizing the burden of war: the Obama Doctrine and US foreign policy in the Middle East
  • Davinia Hoggarth, The rise of Islamic finance: post-colonial market-building in central Asia and Russia
  • Michal Smetana, Stuck on disarmament: the European Union and the 2015 NPT Review Conference
  • José Ciro Martínez & Brent Eng, The unintended consequences of emergency food aid: neutrality, sovereignty and politics in the Syrian civil war, 2012–15
  • Alexander Lanoszka, Russian hybrid warfare and extended deterrence in eastern Europe