Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Issue: International Journal of Human Rights

The latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights (Vol. 19, no. 8, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: R2P: Perspectives on the Concept's Meaning, Proper Application and Value
    • Sonja Grover, Introduction
    • Jessica Almqvist, Enforcing the responsibility to protect through solidarity measures
    • Joseph Besigye Bazirake & Paul Bukuluki, A critical reflection on the conceptual and practical limitations of the responsibility to protect
    • Auriane Botte, Redefining the responsibility to protect concept as a response to international crimes
    • Alise Coen, R2P, Global Governance, and the Syrian refugee crisis
    • David William Gethings, The responsibility to engage: cosmopolitan civic engagement and the spread of the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine.
    • Sassan Gholiagha, ‘To prevent future Kosovos and future Rwandas.’ A critical constructivist view of the Responsibility to Protect
    • Pinar Gözen Ercan, Responsibility to protect and inter-state crises: why and how R2P applies to the case of Gaza
    • Sonja Grover, R2P and the Syrian crisis: when semantics becomes a matter of life or death
    • Aidan Hehir, Bahrain: an R2P blind spot?
    • Annie Herro, The responsibility to protect, the use of force and a permanent United Nations peace service
    • Lindsey N. Kingston, Protecting the world's most persecuted: the responsibility to protect and Burma's Rohingya minority
    • Konstantin Kleine, Will R2P be ready when disaster strikes? – The rationale of the Responsibility to Protect in an environmental context
    • Gabriele Lombardo, The responsibility to protect and the lack of intervention in Syria between the protection of human rights and geopolitical strategies
    • Marco Longobardo, Genocide, obligations erga omnes, and the responsibility to protect: remarks on a complex convergence
    • Conall Mallory & Stuart Wallace, The ‘deterrent argument’ and the responsibility to protect
    • Oscar Gakuo Mwangi, State collapse, peace enforcement and the responsibility to protect in Somalia
    • Hovhannes Nikoghosyan, Government failure, atrocity crimes and the role of the International Criminal Court: why not Syria, but Libya
    • Maggie Powers, Responsibility to protect: dead, dying, or thriving?
    • Heidarali Teimouri, Protecting while not being responsible: the case of Syria and responsibility to protect
    • Serena Timmoneri, Responsibility to protect and ‘peacetime atrocities’: the case of North Korea