Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Issue: Journal of World Investment & Trade

The latest issue of the Journal of World Investment & Trade (Vol. 16, no. 4, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Jus Post Bellum and Foreign Investment
    • Carsten Stahn; Jens Iverson & Jennifer Easterday, Introduction
    • Eric De Brabandere, Jus Post Bellum and Foreign Direct Investment: Mapping the Debate
    • Jure Zrilič, International Investment Law in the Context of Jus Post Bellum: Are Investment Treaties Likely to Facilitate or Hinder the Transition to Peace?
    • Merryl Lawry-White, International Investment Arbitration in a Jus Post Bellum Framework
    • James Gallen, Odious Debt and Jus Post Bellum
  • Konstanze von Papp, Biting the Bullet or Redefining ‘Consent’ in Investor-State Arbitration? Pre-Arbitration Requirements After BG Group v Argentina
  • Anna Joubin-Bret, Spotlight on Third-Party Funding in Investor-State Arbitration
  • Jonathan Ketcheson, The Law 42 Arbitrations: Ecuador’s Efforts to Capture ‘Extraordinary Profits’ of Oil Companies