Friday, August 28, 2015

New Issue: Trade, Law and Development

The latest issue of Trade, Law and Development (Vol. 6, no. 2, Winter 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Roda Mushkat, Killing the Proverbial Two Birds with One Stone: New Ways to Expand the Comparative Law Methodological Repertoire and Enhance the Effectiveness of Inter-Jurisdictional Environmental Governance Regimes
    • Mary Footer, Trade-related International Food Security and the Developing World
    • Rajesh Babu, Trajectories of Investment Protection In India: An Analysis of Compensation for Expropriation
  • Notes and Comments
    • Billy Araujo, Regulating Services Through Trade Agreements – A Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Disciplines Included in EU and US Free Trade Agreements
    • Anhad Gupta, Restructuring Incentives for Pharmaceutical Innovation