Monday, July 20, 2015

Tsagourias & Buchan: Research Handbook on International Law and Cyberspace

Nicholas Tsagourias (Univ. of Sheffield - Law) & Russell Buchan (Univ. of Sheffield - Law) have published Research Handbook on International Law and Cyberspace (Edward Elgar Publishing 2015). Contents include:
  • Nicholas Tsagourias, The Legal Status of Cyberspace
  • Uta Kohl, Jurisdiction in Cyberspace
  • Constantine Antonopoulos, State Responsibility in Cyberspace
  • Andreas Rahmatian, Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Rights
  • David P. Fidler, Cyberspace and Human Rights
  • Kai Ambos, International Criminal Responsibility in Cyberspace
  • Ben Saul & Kathleen Heath, Cyber Terrorism
  • Russell Buchan, Cyber Espionage and International Law
  • Philipp Kastner & Frédéric Mégret, International Legal Dimensions of Cybercrime
  • Paul Ducheine, The Notion of Cyber Operations
  • Marco Roscini, Cyber Operations as a Use of Force
  • Carlo Focarelli, Self-Defence in Cyberspace
  • Eric Myjer, Some Thoughts on Cyber Deterrence and Public International Law
  • Neil C. Rowe, Distinctive Ethical Challenges of Cyberweapons
  • Louise Arimatsu, Classifying Cyber Warfare
  • Karine Bannelier-Christakis, Is the Principle of Distinction Still Relevant in Cyberwarfare?
  • Terry D. Gill, International Humanitarian Law Applied to Cyber-Warfare: Precautions, Proportionality and the Notion of “Armed” under the Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflict
  • David Turns, Cyber War and the Law of Neutrality
  • Ramses A. Wessel, Towards EU Cybersecurity: Regulating a New Policy Field
  • Katharina Ziolkowski, NATO and Cyber Defence
  • Hitoshi Nasu & Helen Trezise, Cyber Security in the Asia-Pacific
  • Christopher Henderson, The United Nations and the Regulation of Cyber-Security