Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zwitter et al.: Humanitarian Action

Andrej Zwitter (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Christopher K. Lamont (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Hans-Joachim Heintze (Ruhr-Universität), & Joost Herman (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) have published Humanitarian Action: Global, Regional and Domestic Legal Responses (Cambridge Univ. Press 2015). Contents include:
  • Andrej Zwitter, Christopher K. Lamont, Hans-Joachim Heintze & Joost Herman, Introduction
  • Joost Herman, International law and humanitarian space in the twenty-first century: challenged relationships
  • Dirk Salomons, The perils of Dunantism: the need for a rights-based approach to humanitarianism
  • Emilie Kuijt, A humanitarian crisis: reframing the legal framework on humanitarian assistance
  • Rotem Giladi, The utility and limits of legal mandate: humanitarian assistance, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and mandate ambiguity
  • Sridhar Patnaik Dabiru, Issues of state consent and international humanitarian assistance in disasters: the work of the International Law Commission
  • Heike Montag, United Nations involvement in humanitarian assistance: competences of the Security Council to face today's obstructions
  • Heike Spieker, International norms informing domestic disaster response schemes
  • Stefanie Jansen-Wilhelm, A duty to accept humanitarian assistance under the ICESCR
  • Marlies Hesselman, Regional human rights regimes and humanitarian obligations of states in the event of disaster
  • Joris Kocken, Assessing the complex normative pluralism in humanitarian crises: do local norms matter?
  • Morten Broberg, Thou shall not … misappropriate humanitarian aid – on European Union humanitarian aid and the fight against corruption
  • Sanne Boswijk, Developments in African disaster response law and the African Union: a view from the field
  • Diana Philip, Humanitarian assistance and the right to water: an ASEAN region perspective
  • Heribertus Jaka Triyana, Indonesian compliance and its effective implementation of international norms on disaster response
  • Andrej Zwitter & Christopher Lamont, Enforcing aid in Myanmar: state responsibility and humanitarian aid provision
  • Abel Knottnerus, The regionalization of humanitarian action: the role of the OAS
  • Sandra Borda, Providing relief in times of war: the role of the ICRC in the Colombian conflict during the Uribe administration (2002–2010)
  • Hans-Joachim Heintze, Humanitarian assistance and failed states: still an issue of sovereignty? The case study of Haiti
  • Kubo Mačák, Principles of neutrality and impartiality of humanitarian action in the aftermath of the 2011 Libyan conflict
  • Andrej Zwitter, Christopher K. Lamont, Hans-Joachim Heintze & Joost Herman, Conclusion