Monday, October 6, 2014

van Sliedregt & Vasiliev: Pluralism in International Criminal Law

Elies van Sliedregt (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Law) & Sergey Vasiliev (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Law) have published Pluralism in International Criminal Law (Oxford Univ. Press 2014). Contents include:
  • Elies Van Sliedregt & Sergey Vasiliev, Pluralism: A New Framework for International Criminal Justice
  • Cassandra Steer, Legal Transplants or Legal Patchworking? The Creation of International Criminal Law as a Pluralistic Body of Law
  • Mark A. Drumbl, The Curious Criminality of Mass Atrocity: Diverse Actors, Multiple Truths, and Plural Responses
  • Jens David Ohlin, Organizational Criminality
  • Marjolein Cupido, Pluralism in Theories of Liability: Joint Criminal Enterprise versus Joint Perception
  • John D. Jackson & Yassin Brunger, Fragmentation and Harmonization in the Development of Evidentiary Practices in International Criminal Tribunals
  • Barbora Holá, Consistency and Pluralism of International Sentencing: An Empirical Assessment of the ICTY and ICTR Practice
  • Ruth A. Kok, National Adjudication of International Crimes: A Dutch Approach
  • Alexander Zahar, Pluralism and the Rights of the Accused in International Criminal Proceedings
  • Elinor Fry, The Nature of International Crimes and Evidentiary Challenges: Preserving Quality While Managing Quantity
  • Wayne Jordash & Matthew R. Crowe, Evidentiary Challenges for the Defence: Domestic and International Prosecutions of International Crimes
  • Gerhard Werle & Boris Burghardt, Establishing Degrees of Responsibility: Modes of Participation in Article 25 of the ICC Statute
  • James G. Stewart, Ten Reasons for Adopting a Universal Concept of Participation in Atrocity
  • Javid Gadirov, Collective Intentions and Individual Criminal Responsibility in International Criminal Law
  • Peter Murphy & Lina Baddour, Evidence and Selection of Judges in International Criminal Tribunals: The Need for a Harmonized Approach