Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Issue: European Journal of International Relations

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Relations (Vol. 20, no. 3, September 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Lee J.M. Seymour, Let’s bullshit! Arguing, bargaining and dissembling over Darfur
  • Claudia Aradau & Jef Huysmans, Critical methods in International Relations: The politics of techniques, devices and acts
  • Jonathan W. Kuyper, Global democratization and international regime complexity
  • Duncan Bell, Before the democratic peace: Racial utopianism, empire and the abolition of war
  • Garrett Wallace Brown, The European Union and Kant’s idea of cosmopolitan right: Why the EU is not cosmopolitan
  • Jonathan Gilmore, Protecting the Other: Considering the process and practice of cosmopolitanism
  • Ty Solomon, The affective underpinnings of soft power
  • Bernd Bucher, Acting abstractions: Metaphors, narrative structures, and the eclipse of agency
  • Andrew A. Latham & James Christenson, Historicizing the ‘New Wars’: The case of Jihad in the early years of Islam
  • K.M. Fierke, Who is my neighbour? Memories of the Holocaust/al Nakba and a global ethic of care
  • Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch, Ideational change and the emergence of the international norm of truth and reconciliation commissions
  • Joseph O’Mahoney, Rule tensions and the dynamics of institutional change: From ‘to the victor go the spoils’ to the Stimson Doctrine