Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Grossman: Shattering the Glass Ceiling in International Adjudication

Nienke Grossman (Univ. of Baltimore - Law) has posted Shattering the Glass Ceiling in International Adjudication. Here's the abstract:
This is the first article to examine the relationship between selection procedures and sex representativeness on various international court benches. It provides statistics on women judges on international courts, analyzes why women remain a distinct minority on the bench on most courts, and proposes and evaluates potential reforms for achieving greater balance on the bench. These reforms include more transparent and open selection procedures at the national level, the use of commissions to identify and vet candidates at the national and international levels, and aspirational and mandatory representativeness targets. Although each court operates within its own specific institutional context, comparing their procedures and outcomes provides insights into best and worst practices for achieving fair representation on the bench. Not only does this article expose flaws in and propose enhanced selection procedures to provide greater representativeness on the bench, but also the suggested reforms may enhance the legitimacy credentials of these increasingly important institutions.