Friday, June 27, 2014

New Volume: Australian International Law Journal

The latest volume of the Australian International Law Journal (Vol. 20, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Mini Symposium: Creating New Futures for All: International Law and the Protection of Migrant Children at Risk
    • Yanghee Lee, Address: Creating New Futures for All Children: The Promise of International Human Rights Law
    • Ron McCallum & Hannah Martin, Comment: The CRPD and Children with Disabilities
    • Mary Crock, Of Relative Rights and Putative Children: Rethinking the Critical Framework for the Protection of Refugee Children and Youth
    • Ben Saul, Indefinite Security Detention and Refugee Children and Families in Australia: International Human Rights Law Dimensions
    • Kim Rubenstein & Jacqueline Field, Conceptualising Australian Citizenship for Children: A Human Rights Perspective
  • Other Articles
    • Megan Davis, Luke Bastin, Amici Curiae in Investor-State Arbitrations: Two Recent Decisions
    • Ilyas U Musurmanov, The Implications of Romak v Uzbekistan for Defining the Concept of Investment
    • Owen Webb, Kiobel, the Alien Tort Statute and the Common Law: Human Rights Litigation in this ‘Present, Imperfect World’
    • Patrick Wall, Sitting on Solid Ground: The International Legal Basis for Overseas Sittings of the Military Court of Australia