Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Issue: Global Trade and Customs Journal

The latest issue of Global Trade and Customs Journal (Vol. 8, nos. 11/12, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Enrique Valerdi Rodriguez & Elena Dulguerova, Blues at the Border: The Quest for Uniform Tariff Classification in the European Union
  • David H. Laufman, Man the Firewalls: Cyber Intrusions and Compliance Risks under U.S. Export Control Laws
  • Terence P. Stewart, Patrick J. McDonough, Jennifer M. Smith, & Sandra K. Jorgensen, The Increasing Recognition of Problems with WTO Appellate Body Decision-Making: Will the Message Be Heard?
  • Daniel Kiselbach, Alizee Bilbey, William E. Perry, & Ryan Brady, Demystifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership: An American and Canadian Perspective
  • Alan Yanovich, Canada – Renewable Energy and Canada – FIT Program – Debunking the Myth that the GATT 1994 Provides Carte Blanche to Discriminate in Government Procurement