Monday, August 19, 2013

New Issue: Global Trade and Customs Journal

The latest issue of Global Trade and Customs Journal (Vol. 8, no. 9, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Laura Fraedrich & Jamie A. Schafer, What Is In It For Me: How Recent Developments in FCPA Enforcement Affect the Voluntary Disclosure Calculus
  • Maurizio Gambardella & Davide Rovetta, A New Creative Ruling of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation on Customs Penalties: Time for a EU Harmonized Customs Regime?
  • Bärbel Sachs, European Union Financial Sanctions Law and Its Application to Subsidiaries of Listed Entities
  • Manoj K. Singh, Cross Retaliation under the WTO-DSM
  • Jorge Miranda, Why the Potential for Trade Diversion should Be Examined Prior to Considering Setting an Antidumping Duty Lower than the Dumping Margin
  • Fernando Piérola, The Question of the ‘Benefit’
  • Gary N. Horlick, An Annotated Explanation of Articles 1 and 2 of the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures