Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 94, no. 886, Summer 2012) is out. The theme is "New Technologies and Warfare." Contents include:
  • Interview
    • Interview with Peter Singer
  • Articles
    • How are New Technologies Changing Modern Warfare?
    • Alan Backstrom & Ian Henderson, New capabilities in warfare: an overview of contemporary technological developments and the associated legal and engineering issues in Article 36 weapons reviews
    • Herbert Lin, Cyber conflict and international humanitarian law
    • New Technologies and the Law
    • Cordula Droege, Get off my cloud: cyber warfare, international humanitarian law, and the protection of civilians
    • William Boothby, Some legal challenges posed by remote attack
    • Stuart Casey-Maslen, Pandora's box? Drone strikes under jus ad bellum, jus in bello, and international human rights law
    • Hin-Yan Liu, Categorization and legality of autonomous and remote weapons systems
    • Hitoshi Nasu, Nanotechnology and challenges to international humanitarian law: a preliminary legal assessment
    • Eve Massingham, Conflict without casualties … a note of caution: non-lethal weapons and international humanitarian law
    • Ethics, Civil Society and New Technologies
    • Peter Asaro, On banning autonomous weapon systems: human rights, automation, and the dehumanization of lethal decision-making
    • Ben Clarke, Christian Rouffaer & François Sénéchaud Beyond the Call of Duty: why shouldn't video game players face the same dilemmas as real soldiers?
    • Joshua Lyons Documenting violations of international humanitarian law from space: a critical review of geospatial analysis of satellite imagery during armed conflicts in Gaza (2009), Georgia (2008), and Sri Lanka (2009)
    • Brian Rappert, Richard Moyes, Anna Crowe & Thomas Nash, The roles of civil society in the development of standards around new weapons and other technologies of warfare
  • Comments and Opinions
    • Noel E. Sharkey, The evitability of autonomous robot warfare
    • Li Zhang, A Chinese perspective on cyber war
  • Reports and Documents
    • International Humanitarian Law and New Weapon Technologies 34th Round Table on current issues of international humanitarian law, San Remo, 8–10 September 2011 Keynote address by Dr Jakob Kellenberger, ICRC President, and Conclusions by Dr Philip Spoerri, Director for International Law and Cooperation
  • Selected article on international humanitarian law
    • Jason D. Wright, ‘Excessive’ ambiguity: analysing and refining the proportionality standard