Friday, February 15, 2013

New Volume: Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy

The latest volume of the Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy (2011-2012) is out. Contents include:
  • Part One
    • Persephone Economou & Karl P. Sauvant, FDI trends in 2010-2011 and the challenge of investment policies for outward foreign direct investment
    • Ian A. Laird, Borzu Sabahi, Frédéric G. Sourgens, & Nicholas J. Birch, International investment law and arbitration: 2011 in review
    • Stephan W. Schill & Marc Jacob, Trends in international investment agreements, 2010/2011: The increasing complexity of international investment law
  • Part Two: Symposium on Regulatory and Policy Developments Regarding FDI in Extractive Industries
    • Erlend Bakken & Andrea K. Bjorklund, Introduction to symposium on regulatory and policy developments regarding FDI in extractive industries
    • Luke J. Danielson & Mark D. Phillips, The International Bar Association Model Mine Development Agreement project: A step toward better practice and better development results
    • Tonje P. Gormley, Legal mechanisms for increased transparency in the extractive industries
    • Lorenzo Cotula & Kyla Tienhaara, Reconfiguring investment contracts to promote sustainable development
    • Peter D. Cameron, Reflections on sovereignty over natural resources and the enforcement of stabilization clauses
    • Lisa E. Sachs, Perrine Toledano, & Jacky Mandelbaum, with James Otto, Impacts of fiscal reforms on country attractiveness: Learning from the facts
    • Ivar Alvik, Arbitration in long-term international petroleum contracts: The "internationalization" of the applicable law
  • Part Three: General Articles
    • Leah D. Harhay, The Argentine annulments: The uneasy application of ICSID article 52 in parallel claims
    • Javier El-Hage, How may tribunals apply the customary necessity rule to the Argentine cases? An analysis of ICSID decisions with respect to the interaction between article XI of the U.S.-Argentina BIT and the customary rule of necessity
    • Michael D. Nolan, Frédéric G. Sourgens, & Hugh Carlson, Leviathan on life-support? Restructuring sovereign debt and international investment protection after Abaclat
    • Rahim Moloo & Justin M. Jacinto, Standards of review and reviewing standards: Public interest regulation in international investment law
    • Patrick Dumberry & Gabrielle Dumas-Aubin, How to impose human rights obligations on corporations under investment treaties? Pragmatic guidelines for the amendment of BITs
    • Kevin Lim, Upholding corrupt investors' claims against complicit or compliant host states nullWhere angels should not fear to tread
    • Jonathan Bonnitcha & Emma Aisbett, An economic analysis of the substantive protections provided by investment treaties
    • Valentina S. Vadi, Converging divergences: The rise of Chinese outward foreign investment and its implications for international (investment) law