Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Issue: International Organizations Law Review

The latest issue of the International Organizations Law Review (Vol. 9, no. 1, 2012) is out. Contents include:
  • IOLR Forum ARIO (2012)
    • Niels Blokker & Ramses A. Wessel, Introduction: First Views at the Articles on The Responsibility of International Organizations
    • Jan Wouters & Jed Odermatt, Are All International Organizations Created Equal?
    • Jean d’Aspremont, The Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations: Magnifying the Fissures in the Law of International Responsibility
    • C.F. Amerasinghe Comments on the ILC’s Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations
    • Nataša Nedeski & André Nollkaemper, Responsibility of International Organizations ‘in connection with acts of States’
    • Christiane Ahlborn, The Use of Analogies in Drafting the Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations An Appraisal of the ‘Copy-Paste Approach’
    • Armin von Bogdandy & Mateja Steinbrück Platise, ARIO and Human Rights Protection: Leaving the Individual in the Cold
    • Aurel Sari, UN Peacekeeping Operations and Article 7 ARIO: The Missing Link
  • Rutsel S.J. Martha & Sarah Dadush, Going Against the Grain: When Private Rules Shouldn’t Apply to Public Institutions
  • Sean Goggin, Is UNESCO Clouding the International Culture Landscape: Legal Clarity?
  • Marc Cogen, Membership, Associate Membership and Pre-accession Arrangements of CERN, ESO, ESA, and EUMETSAT
  • Evan Brewer, The Participation of the European Union in the Work of the United Nations: Evolving to Reflect the New Realities of Regional Organizations
  • Daniele Gallo, The Immunities of the International Monetary Fund’s Executive Head: The Quest for Legal Certainty in the “Strauss-Kahn Affair”