Monday, September 10, 2012

Zürn, Nollkaemper, & Peerenboom: Rule of Law Dynamics in an Era of International and Transnational Governance

Michael Zürn (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung), André Nollkaemper (Universiteit van Amsterdam - Law), & Randy Peerenboom (La Trobe Univ. - Law) have published Rule of Law Dynamics in an Era of International and Transnational Governance (Cambridge Univ. Press 2012). Contents include:
  • Wolfgang Merkel, Measuring the quality of rule of law: virtues, perils, results
  • Helmut Philipp Aust & Georg Nolte, International law and the rule of law at the national level
  • Tim Gemkow & Michael Zürn, Constraining international authority through the rule of law: legitimatory potential and political dynamics
  • Gunnar Folke Schuppert, New modes of governance and the rule of law: the case of transnational rule-making
  • Frank Schimmelfennig, Rule of law promotion policies in comparison
  • Monika Heupel, Rule of law promotion through international organizations and NGOs
  • Paulette Lloyd, Beth Simmons & Brandon Stewart, Combating transnational crime: the role of learning and norm diffusion in the current rule of law wave
  • Linn Hammergren, Rule of law challenges in middle income countries and donor approaches to addressing them
  • Tilmann Röder, Civil-military cooperation in building the rule of law
  • John Gillespie, Developing a theoretical framework for evaluating rule of law promotion in developing countries
  • Richard Zajac Sannerholm, Rule of law promotion after conflict: experimenting in the Kosovo laboratory
  • Sarah Nouwen, The ICC's intervention in Uganda: which rule of law does it promote?
  • Randall Peerenboom, Michael Zürn & André Nollkaemper, From rule of law promotion to rule of law dynamics