Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 ASIL Certificates of Merit for Scholarship

The American Society of International Law has announced its 2012 Certificates of Merit for Scholarship. They are:

Certificate of Merit - Preeminent Contribution to Creative Scholarship: Nico Krisch, Beyond Constitutionalism: The Pluralist Structure of Postnational Law (Oxford Univ. Press 2010)

Certificate of Merit - High Technical Craftsmanship and Utility to Practicing Lawyers and Scholars: David L. Sloss, Michael D. Ramsey, & William S. Dodge, International Law in the U.S. Supreme Court: Continuity and Change (Cambridge Univ. Press 2011)

Certificate of Merit - Specialized Area of International Law: Sundhya Pahuja, Decolonizing International Law: Development, Economic Growth and the Politics of Universality (Cambridge Univ. Press 2011)

Honorable Mention - Specialized Field of International Law: Ruti Teitel, Humanity's Law (Oxford Univ. Press 2011)