Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Volume: European Yearbook of International Economic Law

The latest volume of the European Yearbook of International Economic Law (Vol. 2, 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Part I Topics
    • Special Focus I: The State and the Global Economy
    • Karle M. Meessen, Distinguished Essay: Governmental Decision-Making in the World Economy
    • Fabian Amternbrink, Central Bank Challenges in the Global Economy
    • Ludwig Gramlich, An International Normative Framework for Sovereign Wealth Funds?
    • Heike Schweitzer, Sovereign Wealth Funds: Market Investors or “Imperialist Capitalists”? The European Response to Direct Investment by Non-EU State-Controlled Entities
    • Rosa M. Lastra, The Role of the IMF as a Global Financial Authority
    • Andreas Falke, No Ado About Nothing: Obama’s Trade Policies After 1 Year
    • Special Focus II: Climate Change and International Economic Law
    • Alexander Proelss & Kerstin Güssow, Carbon Capture and Storage from the Perspective of International Law
    • Wolfgang Weiß, Biofuels and WTO Law
    • Erich Vranes, Climate Labelling and the WTO: The 2010 EU Ecolabelling Programme as a Test Case Under WTO Law
    • Mireille Cossy, Environmental Services and the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS): Legal Issues and Negotiating Stakes at the WTO
    • Kierstyn Inglis, European Union Competences and Actions in International Environment Law: Recent Developments and Current Challenges
  • Part II Regional Integration
    • Colin M. Brown, The European Union and Regional Trade Agreements: A Case Study of the EU-Korea FTA
    • Tomer Broude, MENA: The Question of Palestinian Observership and Accession to the WTO
    • Stephen Clarkson, Integration and Disintegration in North America: The Rise and Fall of International Economic Law in One Region
    • Colin McCarthy, African Regional Economic Integration: Is the Paradigm Relevant and Appropriate?
    • Félix Peña, Regional Integration in Latin America: Some Lessons of 50 Years of Experience
    • Prasit Aekaputra, Report on the ASEAN Economic Cooperation and Integration
  • Part III International Economic Institutions
    • Claudia Schmucker & Katharina Gnath, From the G8 to the G20: Reforming the Global Economic Governance System
    • Edwini Kessie, The Doha Development Agenda at a Crossroads: What Are the Remaining Obstacles to the Conclusion of the Round: Part II?
    • Andreas Krallmann, WTO Dispute Settlement – The Establishment of ‘Binding Guidance’ by the Appellate Body in US Stainless Steel and Recent Dispute Settlement Rulings