Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inaugural Issue: Asian Journal of International Law

The inaugural issue of the Asian Journal of International Law (Vol. 1, no. 1, January 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Invited Articles
    • The Editors, An Asian Journal of International Law
    • OWADA Hisashi, Asia and International Law
    • XUE Hanqin, Meaningful Dialogue Through a Common Discourse: Law and Values in a Multi-Polar World
    • Edith BROWN WEISS, International Law in a Kaleidoscopic World
    • Hilary CHARLESWORTH, The Women Question in International Law
    • B.S. CHIMNI, Asian Civilizations and International Law: Some Reflections
    • Tom FARER, Human Security: Defining the Elephant and Imagining Its Tasks
    • Tommy KOH, International Law and the Peaceful Resolution of Disputes: Asian Perspectives, Contributions, and Challenges
    • Martti KOSKENNIEMI, What Use for Sovereignty Today?
    • ONUMA Yasuaki, The Asian Society of International Law: Its Birth and Significance
    • Hélène RUIZ FABRI, Reflections on the Necessity of Regional Approaches to International Law Through the Prism of the European Example: Neither Yes nor No, Neither Black nor White
  • Articles
    • Michael HWANG S.C. & Jennifer FONG Lee Cheng, Definition of ‘‘Investment’’—A Voice from the Eye of the Storm
    • Md. Saiful KARIM & Shawkat ALAM, Climate Change and Reduction of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Ships: An Appraisal
    • Niels PETERSEN, International Law, Cultural Diversity, and Democratic Rule: Beyond the Divide Between Universalism and Relativism
    • Catherine RENSHAW, Andrew BYRNES, & Andrea DURBACH, Testing the Mettle of National Human Rights Institutions: A Case Study of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia