Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (Vol. 54, no. 5, October 2010) is out. Contents include:
  • Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Alastair Smith, The Pernicious Consequences of UN Security Council Membership
  • Katja B. Kleinberg & Benjamin O. Fordham, Trade and Foreign Policy Attitudes
  • John Conybeare & Dong-Hun Kim, Democracy, Institutionalization, and Corporate Alliances
  • Shanna A. Kirschner, Knowing Your Enemy: Information and Commitment Problems in Civil Wars
  • Roman M. Sheremeta, Expenditures and Information Disclosure in Two-Stage Political Contests
  • Christophe Boone, Carolyn Declerck, & Toko Kiyonari, Inducing Cooperative Behavior among Proselfs versus Prosocials: The Moderating Role of Incentives and Trust