Thursday, August 12, 2010

de la Rasilla del Moral: An Approach to the Democratic Debate in International Law

Ignacio de la Rasilla del Moral (Harvard Univ. - Law) has posted An Approach to the Democratic Debate in International Law (Una Aproximación al Debate Democrático en Derecho Internacional) (Spanish) (Mexican Yearbook of International Law, pp. 97-148, 2010). Here's hte abstract:
Taking as it starting point a critical introduction to the democratic debate in international law, the object of the present work is that of contributing to the critical development of an appropriate methodology for the exam of the normative pretension according to which the international legal order would be developing within itself a particular conception of the liberal State. Such a conception would be premised in the gradual emergence of an international legal obligation that would command the development within every sovereign state of institutions of democratic governance, thus marking the transition from the paradigm of equivalence of domestic political regimes in international law to the exclusive legitimacy of liberal democracy in this legal order. Note: downloadable document is in Spanish