Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Soohoo, Albisa, & Davis: Bringing Human Rights Home: A History of Human Rights in the United States

Cynthia Soohoo (Center for Reproductive Rights), Catherine Albisa (National Economic and Social Rights Initiative), & Martha F. Davis (Northeastern Univ. - Law) have published an abridged edition of Bringing Human Rights Home: A History of Human Rights in the United States (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press 2009). This is another volume in the series Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights. Contents include:
  • Paul Gordon Lauren, A Human Rights Lens on U.S. History: Human Rights at Home and Human Rights Abroad
  • Elizabeth Borgwardt, FDR's Four Freedoms and Wartime Transformations in America's Discourse of Rights
  • Carol Anderson, A "Hollow Mockery": African Americans, White Supremacy, and the Development of Human Rights in the United States
  • Hope Lewis , "New" Human Rights? U.S. Ambivalence Toward the International Economic and Social Rights Framework
  • Dorothy Q. Thomas, Against American Supremacy: Rebuilding Human Rights Culture in the United States
  • Catherine Albisa, Economic and Social Rights in the United States: Six Rights, One Promise
  • Cynthia Soohoo, Human Rights and the Transformation of the "Civil Rights" and "Civil Liberties" Lawyer
  • Margaret Huang, "Going Global": Appeals to International and Regional Human Rights Bodies
  • Martha F. Davis, Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: States, Municipalities, and International Human Rights
  • Wendy Patten, The Impact of September 11 and the Struggle Against Terrorism on the U.S. Domestic Human Rights Movement
  • Kathryn Sikkink, Bush Administration Noncompliance with the Prohibition on Torture and Cruel and Degrading Treatment
  • Lance CompaTrade Unions and Human Rights