Friday, December 25, 2009

Job Opening: Sciences Po (Professor)

Sciences Po's School of Law is seeking to hire a full professor in international economic law. Here's the advertisement:

Sciences Po's School of Law is seeking to recruit a full professor in "international economic law" for a public‐sector teaching position.

The successful applicant will be required to teach in the School of Law and the Sciences Po undergraduate program. He/she will pursue his/her individual research activities as part of the School of Law's research team in the field of international economic law and the relations between globalization and law.

Applicants must provide proof of substantial research activity at an internationally recognized level of excellence in the field of international law and, more particularly, international economic law in a global environment and the theory of legal globalization phenomena. They must be open to multidisciplinary approaches to the law and will have demonstrated a capacity to coordinate research with academics in fields other than law. The originality and anticipated scope of the research project and the methods employed will be an important criterion of selection.

The successful candidate will be required to contribute to the development of the School of Law's international relations and to assume responsibilities in the teaching of economic law. He/she must have demonstrated a capacity to develop cooperation agreements with partners outside Sciences Po.

Applicants must have solid experience in teaching and will have demonstrated a capacity for innovative teaching methods. They must be able to teach in English.

This is a public‐sector position and civil‐service posting. The successful applicant will have the status of professor of public law (section 02 of the Conseil national des universités ‐ CNU).

The application must consist of:

  • a cover letter explaining reasons for applying;
  • a detailed CV with a complete list of the candidate's research work;
  • a short CV;
  • two examples of the candidate's main research work demonstrating his/her aptitude for fundamental and multidisciplinary research.

A selection committee will examine these documents in accordance with the provisions of French law no. 2007‐1199 of 10 August 2007 relating to public‐sector teaching positions.

For further information, please contact Edith Chabre : edith.chabre@sciences‐