Monday, December 14, 2009

Call for Papers: International Institutions, Global Politics and Law

A call for papers has been issued for the section on "International Institutions, Global Politics and Law" of the 7th Pan European Conference on International Relations of the Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR). The conference will be held September 9-11, 2010, in Stockholm. Here's the call:

Bridging the gap between two divided disciplines, scholars of International Relations (IR) and International Legal Scholarship (ILS) have started to look for new impulses from each other. This includes thinking about issues like legalization in world politics, compliance with / contestation of inter- or transnational norms, and hegemony in international law. A shared interest in how order operates in the global realm motivates the emergence of trans-disciplinary networks, transcending theoretical and methodological boundaries. Yet, a consideration of the legal quality of international institutions do inform regime theory; interpretivist approaches to global order do benefit from a more profound knowledge of how law works within diverse institutionalised settings; and even from a (IR) realist perspective, international law is considered a specific mode of "normative" power politics.

Focusing on practice in international institutions and their diverse social environments (i.e. political, economic, or cultural processes) on a global level, the section seeks to bring together researchers from both International Law Studies and International Relations.

We are inviting papers that contribute to the issues of the section. Paper contributions can be made to the following panels (please indicate your preferences):

1. (US) Hegemony and International Law

Chair: Shirley Scott

Discussant: Michael Byers

2. Global Constitutionalism

Chair: Oliver Kessler

Discussant: Benjamin Herborth

3. Political and Legal Discourses of International Institutions

Chair: Katja Freistein

Discussant: Jacob Cogan

4. Pathologies of International Institutional/Legal Practice

Chair: Michael Barnett

Discussant: Lothar Brock

5. The Fragmentation of International Law

Chair: David Kennedy

Discussant: Jan Klabbers

6. Towards a Global Network of Courts?

Chair: Asher Alkoby

Discussant: Eyal Benevinisti

7. International Law Facing Global Challenges

Chair: Michael Byers

Discussant: David Kennedy

8. Law and Culture in International institutions: inter-disciplinary perspectives on order and governance

Chair: Iver Neumann

Discussant: Ole Jacob Sending

9. The Politicization of Customary International Law

Chair: Teresa Reinold

Discussant: Philip Liste

This section accepts only paper proposals, not whole panels. Please send you paper proposals to Philip Liste and Katja Freistein:;