Saturday, October 10, 2009

May & Hoskins: International Criminal Law and Philosophy

Larry May (Washington Univ., St Louis - Philosophy) & Zachary Hoskins (Washington Univ., St Louis - Philosophy) have published International Criminal Law and Philosophy (Cambridge Univ. Press 2009). Contents include:
  • Larry May & Zach Hoskins, Introduction
  • Win-chiat Lee, International crimes and universal jurisdiction
  • Kristen Hessler, State sovereignty as an obstacle to international criminal law
  • Leslie Francis & John Francis, International criminal courts, the rule of law, and the prevention of harm: building justice in times of injustice
  • Helen Stacy, Criminalizing culture
  • Larry May, Identifying groups in genocide cases
  • Joanna Kyriakakis, Prosecuting corporations for international crimes: the role for domestic criminal law
  • Douglas Lackey, Post war environmental damage: a study in jus post bellum
  • Steve Viner, On state self-defense and Guantánamo Bay
  • Anat Biletzki, Politicizing human rights (using international law)
  • Deirdre Golash, The justification of punishment in the international context
  • Colleen Murphy, Political reconciliation and international criminal trials