Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Issue: International Journal of Human Rights

The latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights (Vol. 13, nos. 2 & 3, 2009) is out. Contents include:
  • Symposium: Protection of Sexual Minorities Since Stonewall: Progress and Stalemate in Developed and Developing Countries
    • Desmond M. Tutu, Foreword
    • Frank Barnaby, Preface
    • Phil C. W. Chan, Protection of sexual minorities since Stonewall: their lives, struggles, sufferings, love, and hope
    • Phil C. W. Chan, Psychosocial implications of homophobic bullying in schools: a review and directions for legal research and the legal process
    • Matthew T. Mercier, Fighting to fit in: gay–straight alliances in schools under United States jurisprudence
    • Eric Heinze, Cumulative jurisprudence and human rights: the example of sexual minorities and hate speech
    • Kay Goodall, Challenging hate speech: incitement to hatred on grounds of sexual orientation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
    • Philip N. S. Rumney, Gay male rape victims: law enforcement, social attitudes and barriers to recognition
    • Alana Klein, Criminal law, public health, and governance of HIV exposure and transmission
    • Phil C. W. Chan, Shared values of Singapore: sexual minority rights as Singaporean value
    • Phil C. W. Chan, Keeping up with (which) Joneses: a critique of constitutional comparativism in Hong Kong and its implications for rights development
    • Mark McLelland & Katsuhiko Suganuma, Sexual minorities and human rights in Japan: an historical perspective
    • Oliver Phillips, Blackmail in Zimbabwe: troubling narratives of sexuality and human rights
    • Sam Winter, Lost in transition: transpeople, transprejudice and pathology in Asia
    • Jenni Millbank, From discretion to disbelief: recent trends in refugee determinations on the basis of sexual orientation in Australia and the United Kingdom
    • Sean Rehaag, Bisexuals need not apply: a comparative appraisal of refugee law and policy in Canada, the United States, and Australia
    • Nicole LaViolette, Independent human rights documentation and sexual minorities: an ongoing challenge for the Canadian refugee determination process
    • Aisling O'Sullivan, Same-sex marriage and the Irish Constitution